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SMA Show Management Association

Mr Eric Obrecht
Route de Duillier 7
1271 Givrins, Switzerland

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Intellectual property rights & limitation of liability

SMA Show Management Association holds all intellectual property rights, notably copyrights and trademarks, contained in this website. The website must not be copied, duplicated or modified without express prior written approval of SMA Show Management Association. The information on our website is not binding and no guarantee can be provided that they are correct or up-to-date. As far as permissible, SMA Show Management Association accepts no liability for damage, regardless of its type and on whatever legal ground that could arise in connection with the use of the website, in particular for damage occurring as a result of incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date information or through the loss of data.


Collection and use of information

When our website is accessed, various access data (for example, date and time of access, IP address, name of the file called up, etc.) are stored. No evaluations relating to personal information are performed. The data is evaluated anonymously. For example, to determine how many times the website is accessed per day, in other words for statistical purposes. This data is treated confidentially and not passed on or made accessible to third parties unless required under the prevailing law and in particular by the responsible law enforcement authorities.


We reserve the right not to reply to unsolicited correspondence. Unsolicited concepts or other documents will not be returned.

We thank you for your understanding.


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